The Hole in the Sky
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I read this book from cover to cover in the span of a few hours. I felt like I was cheating myself of Kaela and her new extraordinary and supernatural friends whenever I put it down to eat. This book doesn’t contain an extraneous word or a boring scene. The story flows from page to page like a beautiful clear stream. In the end, I still craved for more of Kaela Neuleaf and her cousin Shawn.
~ Gema Mora, Radical Parenting

"The Hole in the Sky
takes you on a ride filled with mystery and magic. And at about 300 pages my daughter was daunted in the beginning but, quickly fell into the story and called her time with Kaela and Shawn her "fun time". And if my girl calls reading a book her "fun time"... then Ms. Mahler has done something very right."
~ Ann Again....and Again Reviews

"I would recommend this story to any one with kids that love fantasy or are looking for a good intro into fantasy.
My daughter's score: 2 thumbs up
My score: 8 points"
~ One Zillion Books

"The Hole in the Sky was written for 8 to 12 year olds. However, any parent would enjoy reading the book right along with his or her child. There are many themes of love and loss throughout the book that lend themselves to wonderful, thought-filled discussions with your child. The book made me wish I had a young daughter and we could read it together."
~ Julie Marie Totsch,

"'The red-head is back! It's the beginning of the end...' A world of magical beings and all-too-human mistakes- People of good and evil- A choice between unimaginable wrong and endless hardship. Thirteen-year-old Kaela Neuleaf faced with all these dilemmas when she falls from "a hole in the sky", or rather the floor of her bedroom closet back home. This book is suited for anyone with a taste for adventure and a yearning for fantasy. It is highly recommended by Boyu Huang."
~ Allbooks Review

The Hole in the Sky is author Barbara Mahler's first book in an upcoming trilogy telling an inspired story of adventure, loss, and love. Through vivid description and vibrant detail Mahler weaves a page turning tale that allows the reader to escape, along with the main character, through "the hole in the sky."
~ Babs Chandrasoma,


Moonbeam Children's Book Awards
2009 winner of bronze Moonbeam Award for Pre-teen Fiction - Fantasy
Moonbeam Children's Book Awards
2009 Family Choice Award
Moonbeam Children's Book Awards
2010 Nautilus Silver Award Winner
Moonbeam Children's Book Awards
2010 Benjamin Franklin Gold Medal Fiction cover



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